My research interests span a number of topics within systems security, primarily, binary program analysis and (semi-)automated reverse-engineering techniques. More specifically, I am very interested in devising and applying techniques from these fields to discover software and hardware-based backdoors. Aside from researching backdoors from technical standpoint, I am also intrigued in studying them in a wider, sociopolitical context, by, for example, how their provenence can be establised, their impact upon society, and the reasons for their conception. Alongside backdoors, I am also interested in devising defences against novel vulnerabilities, such as software-based microarchitectural attacks.

  • 2020 » DIMVA (PC member), WOOT (PC member), TIFS (reviewer)
  • 2019 » WOOT (PC member)

  • Thomas Rokicki (co-supervised with Clémentine Maurice and Gildas Avoine) (2019 –)